Digital Learning & Technology

Digital Learning and Technology is integrated throughout all areas of learning. Using digital technology as a tool to create and share new learning, is an important part of today’s world and learning programmes.

At St Therese School we are well resourced and have a range of tools for learning including iPads, laptops, and STEM kits (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

Students in Years 1 & 2 have access to iPads to support and enhance their learning.

All students in Years 3 – 8 have their own individual laptop to support and enhance their learning.

  • Students learn how to use technology appropriately and how to interact with others digitally in a safe environment.
  • The new Digital Technologies Curriculum allows students to design challenging and future-focused opportunities.
  • Students will be designing and developing creative solutions to real-world problems as well as learning the basics of coding.


St Therese School leases laptop to our students on a yearly basis. These laptops are regularly updated and provide students with access to the latest tools and features.

Students are given a school email that is used for their learning.

Students are asked to sign a ‘CyberSafety Contract’ and robust systems are in place to monitor use and safety.