Faith underpins all our thoughts and actions. Like our patron saint, St Therese, we are reminded to do ‘little things’ well and with great love.
Success for the future begins with the skills and passion for knowledge your child will learn
at St Therese School.
With the right encouragement and assistance, your child will take on challenges with courage
and grace.
Within our school family we embrace and celebrate a wonderful diversity of cultures which adds to the richness of this learning environment.

About US

“St Therese School (Three Kings) provides students with a very good education. The school’s Catholic character clearly underpins the school culture and is reflected in the environment, practice and the strong sense of family that is shared by children, parents, staff and the community. A strong sense of pride, and positive acknowledgement of the school’s rich cultural diversity, is evident throughout the school community.

Students take an active role in running their school, are affirmed in who they are, and have a strong sense of belonging in their learning environment. They appreciate the broad opportunities they are given to learn, and have a clear understanding of their achievement and their next learning steps.”

This quote is from our excellent 2010 ERO report which confirms what we know – the school is thriving, and our children are real achievers. The report is a celebration of the St Therese community and it describes in detail, the success the school is having with raising student achievement.

Together we can make a huge difference to our children’s education.

Our Philosophy

At St Therese School we hope that our students leave us knowing that they have been part of a school where the Special Character is at the core of everything we do, they develop a love of the Sacraments and Liturgy, they know that they are personally loved by God. they have some self knowledge and they are well on their way to achieving their academic goals.

We continue to be a school that fosters the spiritual, intellectual. social, physical and personal well-being of every child, s0 that our students receive everything that a bigger school can offer and more, because they are part of a small family in a Catholic school where values are paramount.

We aim for each class to be a learning community where every person is valued, where children are given rich and meaningful learning opportunities, where gifts are developed and shared, where leadership is fostered and where children are given a sense of achievement and self esteem which will empower them to lead successful and meaningful lives.